S&P Global Ratings reviews in-use Criteria periodically and welcomes written comments from market participants on its in-use Criteria.

To submit a comment on individual in–use Criteria, click on the In-Use Criteria tab on the right and then click on the Submit a Comment button associated with the Criteria.

S&P Global Ratings also welcomes comments on newly proposed Criteria. To submit a written comment on proposed Criteria, which includes new Criteria or material changes to existing Criteria, click on the Proposed Criteria tab on the right for all current Request for Comment publications, and then click on the applicable Submit a Comment button. S&P Global Ratings encourages market participants to submit comments on proposed Criteria within a certain comment period. The Request for Comment publication includes the applicable response deadline.

For those who wish to submit a general comment on in-use or proposed Criteria, or for those experiencing technical issues, click HERE.

S&P Global Ratings makes publically available written comments received by the means above. HERE. S&P Global Ratings generally publishes written comments received by the means above in their entirety, except when the full-text would be unsuitable for reasons of tone or substance, as determined by S&P Global Ratings in its sole discretion. S&P Global Ratings reserves the right to edit or use all or any part of the text of a submitted comment in arriving at the definitive version of its Criteria, in its sole discretion. S&P Global Ratings may, if requested by any regulatory authority, provide copies of the original full-text comments received to such regulatory authority.

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